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Knock Out Heavy Duty Degreaser

Knock Out Heavy Duty Degreaser

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What is a Heavy Duty Degreaser?

A heavy duty degreaser is a product that is designed to remove stubborn contaminants such as oil, grease, grime, etc. This product is used on wheels, tires, engine bays, gas caps, and other heavy soiled areas on the vehicle's exterior surface. Heavy duty degreaser is very concentrated, but it removes buildup safely. Overtime, a vehicle can be exposed to tough substances and this product is perfect for breaking down and dissolving those contaminants. 

What Ingredients are Found in Heavy Duty Degreasers? 

Specific formulation will vary depending on the brand, but some common chemicals you may find in majority of heavy duty degreasers are;

  • Solvents are added to break down and dissolve grime. Common types of solvents in degreasers are petroleum distillates, alcohols, and citrus based solvents.
  • Surfactants help to loosen dirt and emulsify grease so it can be rinsed away easier. Surfactants also aid in the cleaning efficiency. 
  • Alkaline builders are often added for their cleaning powers. They are great at removing stubborn grease and grime. Types of alkaline builders are sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. 
  • Emulsifiers are helpful because they allow for the contaminants to be rinsed away. Emulsifiers are able to do this because they disperse and suspend oil and water based contaminants. 
  • Chelating agents enhance the effectiveness of degreasers and help to bind and remove greasy substances. 

How to Use a Heavy Duty Degreaser?

The instructions may be different from brand to brand so it is important to read the label to ensure you are using the degreaser right. A general guide for using a heavy duty degreaser is as follows;

  1. You will want to start by washing or rinsing the surface of your vehicle.
  2. If you are using a gallon or bucket sized quantity, it is important to dilute the product first. For heavy duty jobs use a ratio of 1:10 and for medium jobs use a ratio of 1:15. 
  3. Spray the degreaser on the area you are working on and agitate it with a Nylon Handle Brush. This brush is useful as it will get too hard to reach areas. 
  4. You can use water or a clean microfiber towel to wipe away the product to expose the clean surface. 
  5. Follow any post care instructions if provided by the manufacturer. 
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