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Bug Off Concentrated Bug Remover

Bug Off Concentrated Bug Remover

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Bug Off Concentrated Bug Remover

Renegade Detailer Series Bug Off Bug Remover is your go-to solution for effortlessly tackling stubborn bug and insect residue on the various exterior surfaces of your vehicle--including painted surfaces, glass, trim, and chrome. It can also serve as an effective pre-treatment before your regular vehicle wash.

Maximize Bug Removal Effectiveness

To achieve optimal results, follow these steps:

  1. Ideal Conditions: Begin by ensuring that the working surface is cool to the touch and shielded from direct sunlight. This sets the stage for a successful bug removal process.

  2. Spray and Soak: Next, generously apply Bug Off to the affected areas, allowing it to penetrate and work its magic for a duration of 30-60 seconds. This dwell time ensures that Bug Off effectively loosens and lifts the insect residues, making them easier to remove.

  3. Rinse and Reveal: After the brief 30-60 second soaking period, rinse off the treated surfaces. You'll be amazed at how Bug Off effortlessly removes the bug and insect residues, leaving your vehicle looking refreshed and clean.

Dilution for Added Value

Renegade Detailer Series Bug Off Bug Remover is a concentrated formula that offers excellent value for your detailing needs. Dilute it to a 1:10 ratio to get the most out of this powerful bug remover. This ensures that you can use it effectively for multiple cleaning sessions, making it a cost-effective choice for your vehicle maintenance routine.

Renegade Detailer Series Bug Off Bug Remover is the ultimate solution for easily removing bug and insect residues, restoring your vehicle's exterior surfaces to their former glory. Incorporate Bug Off into your regular detailing routine to keep your vehicle looking its best and shielded from the impact of bug encounters on the road.

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